A Blind Man Asks For Descriptions Of People’s Dogs In A Facebook Group And Gets Flooded With Adorable Responses

A blind man asked members of the The Dogspotting Society Facebook group to describe their dogs so that he can get a better idea of what they are like.

Stephen William Dale Shkuratoff, a blind dog-lover used his voice-to-text app to post a request for dog owners to describe what their pets look like, including details like how soft their fur is, what activities they enjoy, and other personality traits.

“I love being a member of this group!” Stephen wrote. “I am blind and was hoping to ask for more dog descriptions. Personality traits are more helpful than colors. Like how soft the dog is for example. Bonus as always for dogs full of kisses and snuggles. Thanks for making me feel included.”

Within minutes of posting, scores of pet owners had replied with adorable descriptions of their four legged best friend:

** My dog is an Akita named Kaminari which is Japanese for Thunder. We call her Kami for short. She is our fourth Akita and they have all had different personalities. She is a complete family dog and unlike our other three, she does not have a favorite, she loves us all equally. She is a big girl, 123 pounds, but she thinks she is a lap dog. She LOVES to have her neck scratched and she will bend her head so far back when you do it that I don’t know how she does not hurt herself. When we come home, she “talks” to us like many Akitas do. She follows behind us talking, I guess she is either telling us about her day or yelling at us for leaving her. She has ears like velvet and the deepest black eyes that when she looks at you, it is just the purest love ever. All she wants is to be with her family. She loves Jelly Beans, she gets one as a treat each night, and she will chew on it for like 5 minutes, it is so funny. One strange comment, all of our Akitas, their feet smell like popcorn


** I have one dog. She is a Boston terrier named Mae West. Her fur feels prickly, wiry, and bristly. She is 9 years old and is so loving. She’s about 22 pounds which is on the bigger side of a Boston Terrier size. Ever since she was a puppy she would take a bit of blanket in her mouth and suck on it while kneading her paws till she’d fall asleep. She’s terrified of thunderstorms and will hide in the bathroom. She loves to cuddle. Every single night she will hop into bed and if you are already sleeping, she’ll gently tap your shoulder for you to lift the covers and let her under. She has never figured out how to get under the blankets on her own. She snores. She loves to climb into your lap and snooze even if she’s a little too big. She knows that everyone in our home has a favorite toy to play fetch with- my favorite is her fuzzy donut toy. She will bring that person their own favorite toy to play. If you don’t play with her, she will keep bringing other toys till you throw something. She is the most happy go lucky dog ever.


** hi Stephen William Dale Shkuratoff! My Jasper is an almost 9 year old beagle. He’s 23 pounds of pure snuggles .He grunts when he is happy. Every time he gets a kiss or snuggles up just right, he grunts to show appreciation. He is a rescue, so when I first got him he was afraid of his own bark. He would stutter cough/ bark. He’d cough and throw in a tiny bark and look terrified that he was in trouble. I taught him to own his voice and speak up when he has needs, now he proudly responds with a crisp “yes!” when I ask “do you have to poop?”

He loves to bury his snout in my arm, I think this is his way of trusting me, since his nose is his super power. He loves walks, especially after it rains, because he can smell everything being washed away. For Jasper, it’s more about mental stimulation than actual exercise. Once I took him canoeing and he was so scared, he sat very still the whole time and when he got home, he fell asleep right away.

When I have people over, he loves to ‘visit’ each person and lay at their feet, giving them each equal amounts of love. He loves other people and dogs smaller than him. Dogs bigger, and he talks up a mean game. He also puffs out his chest and turns his arm muscles to look tough when we’re stopped on the street. He is my protector!


** Stephen, I know this will be just another response to your query, but having loved and owned pure blood and mutts most of my life, I don’t know if I can give you an answer as good as all the others. So I will tell you NOT what a dog looks like, but who they are. A dog is, usually, four legs, with a warm fuzzy body, a perpetually wagging tail, or rump, with floppy or pointed ears, warm nose, and giver of the most wonderful sloppy kisses one could ever hope for. Each is as an individual as humans with their own individual personalities They know us far more than we will ever know them, or ourselves. They are givers of love, hope, laughter and humility.. They see into our souls knowing when we are happy, sad, angry, or in need of that quiet moment so we can pause and reflect upon the things that matter. They do not judge us as other humans can, and so often do, be it good or ill. Be their lives be long or short we cannot forget them for they are forever part of us forever. There is a poem entitled ‘The Rainbow Bridge’ that tells where are beloved pets go in passing, and wait for us, where we, in time, will all join again to go on to that place reserved for us.

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