dog lego wheelchair

12-Year-Old Makes Custom Lego Wheelchair For Abandoned Puppy With No Front Legs

When Gracie was only six weeks old she was heartlessly abandoned at a vets office in Georgia, covered in maggots and was missing hair under her eyes and on her feet and tail. She was also missing her two front legs due to a birth defect.

Fortunately for Gracie, she was adopted by the Turley family and given a second chance at life.

dog lego wheelchair

dog lego wheelchair

dog lego wheelchair

Because Gracie was still a puppy and would continue to grow, Gracie couldn’t get fitted for a regular animal wheelchair. This is when 12-year-old Dylan Turley came to the rescue by making her a makeshift wheelchair out of his Legos that she could be velcroed into.

dog lego wheelchair

As Gracie outgrew the chair, the base was widened by adding new blocks to extend her chair with her.

Gracie is now one year old and is done growing and was able to get fitted for a proper chair. Her current wheelchair lets her run and leap just as well as any other normal dog!

dog lego wheelchair

She’s even recently gotten a younger brother, a chihuahua that is also going to get a Lego wheelchair of his own!

dog wheelchair lego

Thanks to love and caring of her new owners, Gracie is now living a healthy, happy and joyful life that she always deserved.

You can keep up with Gracie on Facebook


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