man takes paralyzed dog on walks

This Man Takes His Paralyzed Dog For Daily Walks In A Cozy Wagon

Walks are the highlight of the day for many dogs and knowing that a dog can’t run or play because they’re paralyzed is absolutely heartbreaking.

Last month, Bryan Thompson of Nova Scotia, Canada, spotted a man pulling a wagon. Inside the wagon, a white dog was curled up and snug under warm blankets.

The man explained to Bryan that his beloved dog has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as ALS. It’s a spinal cord disorder that leads to paralysis for dogs. The poor dog is unable to get up on her own.

So the man made the comfortable wagon so his dog could still enjoy going on her daily walks. He says that he knows she’d do the same for him.

Thompson was touched by the man’s love for his dog and posted about it on Facebook:

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