beagle adopts possum

Beagle Adopts Abandoned Baby Possum After Losing Her Own Puppies

After losing her entire litter of puppies just days after they were born, the grieving mom found solace in the most unexpected way.

Molly, a beagle who lives with owners Elle and Sara Moyle in Victoria, Australia, recently lost her litter of puppies at birth. For days Molly was depressed and moped around the house.

However, one day Molly was outside and came across a a baby possum who had apparently been abandoned by its mother. The small creature promptly latched onto her back and held on, and ever since they’ve been inseparable.

beagle adopts possum

“They’re an unlikely pair,” Elle said. “I think that possum thought that Molly was her mother and vice versa.”

Since possums are nocturnal creature, she spends much of the day sleeping and the ever dutiful mother, “Molly just sits under the tree where she’s sleeping and just waits for her.”

When both of them are awake, the possum can be found clinging to Molly’s back. She doesn’t seem to mind and even wags her tail.

beagle adopts possum

“It’s certainly uplifted her mood, they both needed each other, I think, so it’s been a fantastic relationship.”

beagle adopts possum

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