lesbian lizards

Love Lives Of The Leaping Lesbian Lizards

Mexico is famous for many things, including mariachi, margaritas and machismo. Maybe it’s this machismo which explains why it doesn’t boast quite so much about one its most remarkable inhabitants, a particular and unique species of whiptail lizard. One commonly […]

rabbit show jumping

Everything You Wanted To Know About Rabbit Show Jumping

Pet shows are a popular event for animal lovers to attend and for pet owners to showcase their beloved animals. Numerous species are shown at these competitions and range from dogs to guinea pigs. However, rabbits have begun to steal […]

lions mating

Which Animals Mate The Longest?

Admit it, there’s something weirdly fascinating about the sex lives of animals. We’ve all witnessed a curious kid asking why a dog in the park looks like it’s glued itself to another dog and is trying to shake itself free. […]

do quokkas throw their babies

Do Quokkas Throw Their Babies?

Do quokkas throw their babies? In 2013, the quokka, also known as the ‘happiest animal on earth,’ rose to fame for its friendly behavior and irresistible smile, which prompted the popular social media trend #quokkaselfie.  This Australian marsupial has become […]

are sloths dangerous

Are Sloths Dangerous?

Sloths are well-known as one of the slowest mammals on earth. The lethargic creatures subsist on such a low-calorie count coming from plants, insects, and sometimes small lizards, that they do not have the energy to do much more than […]

where can I see a sloth

The Best Place To See A Sloth

If you’ve never seen a sloth, you may be missing out on one of the most adorable and curious animals on the planet. These arboreal mammals are known for being lethargic and slow-moving creatures, which makes them an exciting find […]

is it legal to own a sloth

Is It Legal To Own A Sloth As A Pet?

As sloths are so cute and cuddly in appearance, it should be no surprise that they are popular with exotic pet enthusiasts. Two-toed sloths, in particular, tend to make suitable pets for owners who can take on the unique needs […]