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The Single Dad Is Teaching Other Dads How To Style Their Daughter’s Hair

dads and daughters hair class
Philippe Morgese/Facebook

When Philippe Morgese became a single dad, he knew he needed to be able to do his one-year-old daughter Emma’s hair. He started out small with simple hair clips. From there, he branched out to pigtails and braids. Eventually he became so adept, he would receive compliments from friends and strangers alike on how great Emma’s hair looked. It was then that Philippe realized that if he had struggled to learn how to style his daughter’s hair, surely tons of other dads would be going through the same thing and would benefit from his knowledge. That’s when he saw an opportunity to do something great for the community. He created a “Dads and Daughters” hair class to help other fathers learn about doing hair.


This Dad Has Taken His Son With Cerebral Palsy To More Than 1,200 Heavy Metal Concerts

dad takes son with cerebal palsy to metal concerts
Richard McDeid / Facebook

After learning about how much heavy metal music soothes and comforted his son, Richard McDeid decided to take his son with cerebral palsy to a lot of heavy metal concerts. And when I say a lot, I mean more than 1,200 shows.

Richard’s son, Mason, has loved heavy metal music since he was a toddler. When Mason was a baby, his dad said in an interview, all he did was cry — until Richard put on a Metallica music video. Then, the crying stopped.

“Afterwards, it started happening in the car whenever Metallica was on,” Richard said in an interview. “He would calm down and relax. At first it was only Metallica and then grew to other bands.”