Prison In Indiana Adopt Shelter Cats Help Prisoners in Indiana Prison Rehabilitate

cats indiana prison

In 2015 the state of Indiana and the Animal Protection League started a wonderful program called F.O.R.W.A.R.D (Feline and Offenders Rehabilitation With Affection Reformation and Dedication) in Pendleton Correctional Facility.

The idea behind this program is to take cats from shelters and place them in prisons with inmates, so they can be taken care of. The program has proved not only to be benefical for the cats, but also the inmates as well.


Australia Is Airdropping Thousands Of Pounds Of Vegetables To Help Starving Animals

operation rock wallaby

Australia is using airplanes and helicopters to feed hungry, vulnerable wildlife as bushfires rage across the country. The government dropped thousands of pounds of sweet potatoes and carrots to feed wildlife that have been stranded by the fires.

The New South Wales government commissioned “Operation Rock Wallaby” which aims to feed colonies of brush-tailed rock wallabies and help the population of marsupials survive.

So far, they have dropped nearly 5,000 pounds of fresh vegetables.


Where Can I See A Capybara?

where can i see a capybara

Capybaras are gentle giants that can be found throughout South America in its grasslands and wetlands. For those who are interested in learning more about the best places to see capybaras, you’ll want to keep the following information in mind.


Rescue Finds Home For Dog After Owner’s Heartbreaking Final Letter

Stray Rescue of St. Louis shell

The Stray Rescue of St. Louis posted a letter they received from a woman asking them to find a home for her dog, Shell. The letter read,

To Stray Rescue: 

I am writing you cause I need you to take my dog, Shell…I’ve been fighting cancer for a few months and if you’re reading this I lost my battle. I need for my baby girl to be taken care of in a home…In these days all I do is worry about what’s going to happen to her. I love this girl, she is my daughter.


Where Can I See A Quokka?

best place to see quokka

Quokkas are friendly animals found only in Australia on two different islands and are often a popular attraction for tourist selfies. If you’re interested in learning more about these mammals, or would like to go see them yourself, you’ll find some helpful information below to keep in mind.


Dog Gets Adopted After 500 Days In Animal Shelter

dog adopted after 500 days at shelter

After spending 500 days in an animal shelter, A 5-year-old pit bull mix was finally adopted just in time for Christmas.

Bonita was the shelter’s longest resident and was adopted by a local man named Ray Kinz. To celebrate the adoption, the Niagara County SPCA decided to record her excitement.