lions mating

Which Animals Mate The Longest?

Admit it, there’s something weirdly fascinating about the sex lives of animals. We’ve all witnessed a curious kid asking why a dog in the park looks like it’s glued itself to another dog and is trying to shake itself free. […]

do quokkas throw their babies

Do Quokkas Throw Their Babies?

Do quokkas throw their babies? In 2013, the quokka, also known as the ‘happiest animal on earth,’ rose to fame for its friendly behavior and irresistible smile, which prompted the popular social media trend #quokkaselfie.  This Australian marsupial has become […]

are sloths dangerous

Are Sloths Dangerous?

Sloths are well-known as one of the slowest mammals on earth. The lethargic creatures subsist on such a low-calorie count coming from plants, insects, and sometimes small lizards, that they do not have the energy to do much more than […]