k9 police dogs

Everything You Wanted To Know About K9 Police Dogs

K9 dogs are rather busy critters. Depending on the dog, they can search for drugs, rescue people, and even take down criminals. These dogs are highly trained members of the police force, and only select canines make the cut. Lets […]

why are hippos so aggressive

Why Are Hippos So Aggressive?

If you’ve ever been to a gift shop and perused the aisles of stuffed animals, you have probably seen a cute and cuddly hippo toy, ready for the next child to gush over and want to take home. And it […]

what animal sweat

What Animals Sweat?

Just think about it. When was the last time you saw an animal sweat? Like, lift their arm up, embarrassing pit stain kind of sweat. Probably never, right? But that doesn’t mean animals don’t sweat, it’s just a bit more […]

why are pigs pink

Why Are Pigs Pink?

When you think of pigs your first image will probably be of Babe, Piglet or Peppa Pig. What do all these pigs have in common (apart from that they’re animated)? They’re pink! If you ask any child across the country […]

are ligers real

Are Ligers Real?

To many, a liger is a mythical creature that exists only in legends and inside Napoleon’s sketchbook. However, this animal is real and exists in a few places around the world today. A liger is a unique hybrid created when […]

why do llamas spit

Why Do Llamas Spit?

When most people think of llamas they visualize curious and friendly creatures that have distinctive personalities. In addition to their fun disposition, they have an interesting way to help protect themselves from those who they feel threatened by. Llamas will […]

praying mantis eats mate

Sexual Cannibalism: Why Do Some Animals Eat Each Other After Mating?

The animal kingdom is filled with fascinating things but it also contains some darker aspects, like sexual cannibalism. Many animals often eat their partner after mating, something which still perplexes scientists. Below is more behind what sexual cannibalism is and […]

prairie dog facts

6 Eye-Opening Facts About Prairie Dogs

Prairie dogs, if you don’t know, are those little beaver looking mammals that inhabit America’s grasslands. They’re actually a part of the squirrel family, with chipmunks, groundhogs, woodchucks and marmots being their other close relatives.

kangal dog

Kangals: The World’s Strongest Dog Breed

The Kangal dog goes by many names: Kangal, Karabash, and the Turkish Kangal dog. Even if you haven’t heard of these dogs, you’re likely to have seen them at some point: and boy, do they stand out. Taller and imposing […]