bloodhounds tracking

Why Are Bloodhounds Such Good Tracking Dogs?

If you’re lost in the woods, one of the sights you want to see most in the world is that of a bloodhound tracking you down. These amazing animals have been bred for centuries, finely honing their sense of smell. […]

chips the dog ww2

The Most Decorated War Dog of World War 2

During World War II numerous animals were sent to serve in the military, including horses, pigeons, and dogs. While many made important contributions during their service, one of note is Chips. Chips was a family dog who was later sent […]

lesbian lizards

Love Lives Of The Leaping Lesbian Lizards

Mexico is famous for many things, including mariachi, margaritas and machismo. Maybe it’s this machismo which explains why it doesn’t boast quite so much about one its most remarkable inhabitants, a particular and unique species of whiptail lizard. One commonly […]

rabbit show jumping

Everything You Wanted To Know About Rabbit Show Jumping

Pet shows are a popular event for animal lovers to attend and for pet owners to showcase their beloved animals. Numerous species are shown at these competitions and range from dogs to guinea pigs. However, rabbits have begun to steal […]