13 Relationship Hacks That Every Couple Needs To Know

(photo: @heftiba) 1. Here’s one, tested and approved. Keep a small notebook, well hidden from her, and from time to time, write down a note about something she liked, wanted to buy, a place she wanted to go or something […]

Good News Of The Week

25 Photos That’ll Brighten Up Your Darkest Day – Bright Side 29 People Share The Embarrassing Moments That Still Haunt Them To This Day – Ruin My Week Homeless Man Offered a Job After Expressing His Gratitude Toward Jogger Who […]

Anguished Mama Dog Cries Out For Help For Her Injured Puppy

A mother dog was crying out for help after her puppy was badly wounded and lying in the street. Fortunately, Animal Aid Unlimited, an animal rescue group working out of Udaipur, India was contacted and came to help the distressed […]