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Woman Adopts Dying Dog To Give Him The Happiest Final Days Ever

May 13, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Animals, Heartwarming |


When Nicole Elliot saw a photo of a senior dog with terminal cancer on her local animal shelter’s Facebook page, she knew she had to do something.

The Georgia woman decided to not only provide a home for Chester the terrier, but also to make sure his final days would be the best ones of his life.

“Before I went and got him, I decided to do a bucket list,” she told ABC News.

Elliot adopted Chester on June 27 and learned that the senior dog had undergone surgery to remove some of his tumors, but more had turned up. The dog’s owners had surrendered him to a high-kill shelter, and Animal Ark Rescue took Chester in before he could be euthanized.

In addition to cancer, Chester is also tested positive for heartworm, and veterinarians aren’t sure how much time he has left.

But regardless of how many days or weeks remain, Elliot is determined that Chester enjoy them.

Since his adoption, Chester has been to parks, eaten hot dogs and gone on a shopping spree for toys and treats.

“There are so many people that say animals don’t have souls like humans, but I feel like anybody who met Chester would see he does have a soul,” she said. “I think all animals should have a chance to have a happy life.”


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A Dog, 8 Birds And A Cute Hamster Are Best Of Friends

May 13, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Animals, Cute |

a dog 8 birds and hamster are best of friends

Meet Bob, a friendly golden retriever that lives in São Paulo, Brazil, with his human and his 8 little best friends. The handsome pooch has taken the internet by storm with photos of him posing peacefully with his besties, traveling around the Globe, and just being downright adorable. If this is what a dog’s life is all about, then sign me up!

a dog 8 birds and hamster are best of friends

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Cool Links Of The Day

May 12, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

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The World’s Last Male White Rhino Placed Under 24-Hour Armed Guard In Kenya

May 12, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Animals |

Out in the vast wilds of Kenya’s southern savanna, the singular remnant of a once wide-ranging subspecies of rhinoceros stands precariously close to the edge of extinction. The Northern White Rhino, which once ranged over much of the central and eastern regions of the African continent, is staring down the barrel of a gun – literally.

Only a single male by the name of Sudan is left in the wild. Luckily, he doesn’t stand alone.

Rangers from the Ol Pejeta Conservancy guard Sudan 24/7 in an desperate effort to protect him from harm.

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40 Cats Who Think You’ve Done Enough Reading Today

May 12, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Animals, Funny Pictures |

cats who won't let you read

cats who won't let you read

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10 Struggles Depressed People Avoid Talking About

May 12, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: TRUTH |

By Shireen Dadkhah

When I was 16, I was diagnosed with clinical depression. After the diagnosis, my uncle slapped me on the back and said, “Welcome to the family kid,” while my family all compared drugs around the kitchen table. I’m extremely lucky that my family not only accepted that depression is a real, serious issue, but they understood it. (I come from a long line of clinically depressed people.) They were mindful to make sure that my depression wasn’t used as a crutch or an excuse, but thankfully, I never once heard the unhelpful “Just suck it up and deal with it,” and for that, I will be eternally grateful. (I also wrote about 10 brutal truths single people never talk about.)

Depression is different for everyone, but over the years I’ve noticed a few things that don’t seem to waver. They hold fast in their level of suckiness and they seem to apply to most everyone I’ve talked to that’s dealt with depression.

1. I’m not choosing to be depressed.

This isn’t a choice I’m making. My cat dying or my car being totaled aren’t the reason I’m depressed. Those things are tipping points, they push me over an edge I was already standing at. Depression is a chemical imbalance. Yes, there are things I can do and medications I can take but at the end of the day this isn’t something I’d choose for anyone and certainly not myself.

2. Your brain is the enemy.

For me, having depression is like walking around with a mean, petty, awful little friend in my brain all the time. It’s constantly telling me how awful I am, how I’m not good enough and how nobody likes me. And just like the negative comments on a blog post, those thoughts stick. Trying to convince yourself that your brain is wrong is no easy feat.

3. Telling me to “suck it up” makes me stabby.

Don’t tell me to “suck it up.” Don’t tell me to watch a sunset or exercise or appreciate the joy that is being alive. That’s about as effective as me telling you to go walk it off after you’ve broken your arm. It isn’t going to fix anything. Depression isn’t logical. You can’t reason with it or apply coconut oil and suddenly be better.

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Cool Links Of The Day

May 11, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

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This Loyal Dog Refused To Leave Autistic Boy’s Side At The Hospital

May 11, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Dogs, Heartwarming |

dog goes to surgery with boy

Wherever James Isaac goes, Mahe follows – even into the boy’s hospital bed.
The 9-year-old is autistic and relies on the black labrador to keep him safe and calm. James does not speak and flinches from human touch and eye contact, but with Mahe things are different. He will curl up happily with Mahe.

dog goes to surgery with boy

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Preschool Opens Inside A Nursing Home To Transform Both Children And Residents’ Lives

May 11, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Heartwarming |

nursing home preschoolers project

A hospital chain has found a way of caring for both the young and the old by having them take care of each other – and in the process, built a bridge across generations.

The Intergenerational Learning Center consists of a preschool inside the Mount St. Vincent nursing home in Seattle, Washington. The 400 adults in the assisted-living center join the kids in daily activities from music and dancing to storytelling and just plain visiting.

The Center’s managers say the children learn from their elders and are nurtured by the adults while the invigorated seniors get a new sense of purpose and well-being from the playful tots.

Film maker Evan Briggs has a Kickstarter page to finish a documentary about the place. His film “Present Perfect” portrays what he calls the “very real experience of aging in America – both growing up, and growing old.”

nursing home preschoolers project

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30 Profound Thoughts That Will Change The Way You See The World

May 11, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Interesting |

thoughts that will change the way you see the world

thoughts that will change the way you see the world

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