12 Adorable Clips That Will Surely Make Your Day

funny animal photos
A Few Funny Animal Photos To Help Brighten Your Day

funny pictures and videos of the day
20 Photos And Videos Guaranteed To Put A Smile On Your Face

Shelter Dog With Inoperable Cranial Tumor Is Given The Best Gift Ever

Professionals Confess The One Trick They Don't Want People To Know About Their Industries
23 Professionals Reveal Tricks That Companies Don't Want You To Know

23 New Words To Help You Describe Emotions And Experiences That Have No English Word Equivalent

May 19, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Interesting |

new words

new words

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Cool Links Of The Day

May 18, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

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Dog Cries At Door After Owner Moves Away Without Him – The Dodo

A Farmer Saw His Animals Gathered Around Something In His Field. He Was Shocked When He Found Out Why – Slip Talk

35 Pieces of Nina Dobrev Eye Candy – Regretful Morning

There’s a New ‘Ghostbusters’ Trailer for Everyone to Get Pissed Off About – YouTube

Ten Clever Kitchen Hacks – Gunaxin

Nick Offerman Shares His Wordworking Wisdom on ‘This Old House’ (Video) – Suburban Men


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A Few Photos To Remind You That Life Is Beautiful

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life is beautiful 14

life is beautiful 7

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15 Photos That Prove Cats Have A Heart Of Gold

May 18, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Cats |

This girl has developmental problems, and her parents were afraid she would be uneasy around the cat. But their worries were all in vain; it was love at first sight.


This cat always accompanies his owner, who maintains swimming pools.

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Airlines Are Breaking Their Rules To Save Pets From The Fort McMurray Fires

May 18, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Humanity |

funny pictures and videos of the day

Airlines generally have strict policies when it comes to flying with animals, but in the wake of the recent wildfires in Fort McMurray, Alberta, some have broken their own rules. Canadian North and WestJet airlines have altered their policies to help local pets escape the devastation alongside their humans.

The massive fires have forced 80,000 residents to evacuate the city, some having just enough time to leave with their beloved pets in tow—never mind the regulation crates and carriers. “Due to the unusual circumstances we were able to bend the rules to accommodate these animals,” a spokesperson from Canadian North told The Huffington Post Canada.

Passengers, flight attendants, and even the airlines tweeted about the experience, and it looks like the pets were excited to fly. They sat on their humans’ laps, rested on the floor, and canoodled with other furry flyers. It’s all part of the effort to get them to safety and escaping the unruly wrath of the massive blaze, which has grown to cover 85,000 hectares—a size which rivals large metropolitan cities around the world.

funny pictures and videos of the day

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Cool Links Of The Day

May 17, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

Dog Nearly Faints With Joy When Reunited With Owner – Rant Pets

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100 Things All Women Need To Know About Men (According to 100 Men) – Thought Catalog

Nikole Powers Bikini Photos in Miami – G-Celeb

Women Anonymously Give Their Wedding Confessions and Be Grateful You Aren’t Them (20 Photos) – Radass

Man Literally Snaps His Dick In Half During Sex and Yes, There’s Pics – The Blemish

Bri Teresi is One of the Hottest Girls Ever – Regretful Morning

You Have to Make $145k a Year to Afford Rent on a Two-Bedroom in LA – Curbed

What If Celebrities Looked Like Bad Fan Art (Gallery) – World Wide Interweb

Seven Reasons a Whole Foods Plant-Heavy Diet is Better for You and the Earth – Gunaxin

Magic Mushrooms Found to Help Depression – Big Think

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Welcome To The Sloth Institute, A Place That Rescues And Helps Orphaned Baby Sloths Return Back To The Wild

May 17, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Cute |

funny pictures and videos of the day

With their sweet, squishy faces and lazy movements, sloths are one of the most squee-worthy animals on the Internet. Sadly, these sluggish tree-dwellers are also increasingly threatened in their native forests of Central and South America.

Inspired by their cuteness and a desire to make a difference, wildlife conservationist and photographer Sam Trull has dedicated her career to saving these charismatic animals.

Trull was first introduced to the wonderful world of sloths in 2013 after arriving in Costa Rica to work for a small wildlife rehabilitation clinic called Kids Saving the Rainforest. It wasn’t long before she realized that working with orphaned sloths was her true calling.

In August 2014, she founded The Sloth Institute Costa Rica with fellow sloth enthusiast Seda Sejud, and the pair have been rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing baby sloths ever since.

funny pictures and videos of the day

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Heartwarming Video of a Lioness Hugging the Man Who Rescued Her

May 17, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Heartwarming |

On a recent visit to the Modisa Wildlife Project near Maun, Botswana, traveller John Hawkins captured this heartwarming footage that shows the incredible bond between a lioness and her rescuer. In the video, Sirga can be seen eagerly pacing back and forth behind a fence as the man, Valentin Gruener, unlocks the gate. Once the gate is opened, the 110-pound lioness jumps onto Gruener—for a cuddly, full-body embrace! Sirga clearly displays her affection for the man, rubbing noses with him during the hug and even laying across his lap on the ground. What an amazing friendship!

After Sirga was driven out of her pride as a cub, she was rescued by Gruener and Mikkel Legarth, who couldn’t stand by and watch her die. The two conservationists took her in, raised her, and even taught her how to hunt on her own. Throughout the years, Sirga has never forgotten her bond with the men who helped her. She now serves as a beacon of success for the Modisa Wildlife Project, which Gruener and Legarth started with the hope of finding long-term solutions for saving the lion population in Botswana, Africa.

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16 Habits You Should Form To Drastically Change Your Life For The Better

May 17, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Life |

16 habits

by Kratos Guide

1 Exercise —“ Exercise is huge. I briefly touched on what happens to you in the short term but consider also the long term effects of regular exercise. As you maintain a regiment of exercise your body fat percentage drops, your flexibility and strength increase (less chance of injury) your lifespan extends, your immune system is bolstered, you maintain your youth longer, you carry over a sustained vigor to other parts of your life, your resting heart rate goes down, and you have a general feeling of well being. Pretty sweet. Clearly exercising is very important; given both its short and long term benefits.

But do you have to do this every day? That seems strenuous. Try expanding your definition – You don’t give it your 100% every day. Some days may be 10 minutes of simple light stretching, just to keep the habit. Other days may be 2.5 hour monster gym sessions.

I use this habit to help me accomplish two other things very important to me, mediation and getting in nature. Often times my physical exertion is a one hour walk through the park or along the water front. Practicing a walking meditation is a great way to center yourself and help carry the skill over to everyday life. Being in nature has a similar balancing effect on your well being.

But you don’t need me to tell you to work out. The benefits are all clearly documented by scientists and people. There are networks and resources for support and endless sources of inspiration to motivate you.

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Hot New Music Of The Day

May 17, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Music |

One of my new favorite discoveries is LA based four-piece experimental rock musical collective DreamVacation.  Their new single makes an impression with brooding melodic power and hard-edged yet atmospheric guitars behind lead singer Ray Silva’s emotional vocals.  Take a listen. 

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