how do pangolins protect themselves

How Do Pangolins Protect Themselves?

(photo: David Brossard) Pangolins are small animals found in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. While they might look like simple creatures, they have a unique built-in defensive system to help protect themselves from danger.

what do penguins do all day?

What Do Penguins Do All Day?

Penguins are often thought of as being idle creatures that do nothing more than waddle around in search of food. While penguins do hunt for food for most of the day, they spend their days doing much more than just […]

Why Was the Beefalo Created

Why Was The Beefalo Created?

(photo: Karl Young, Wikimedia) Most people have probably heard of cows and bison, but not of the beefalo. The beefalo is a blend of these two animals resulting in a unique appearance and healthy meat options. Below is more about […]

Why Are Honey Badgers So Hard To Kill

Why Are Honey Badgers So Hard To Kill?

Undoubtedly, you have probably seen one of the many “honey badger don’t care” memes, but have you ever wondered where this meme actually came from and why the simple statement actually makes sense? It turns out that these little creatures, […]

why are hippos so aggressive

Why Are Hippos So Aggressive?

If you’ve ever been to a gift shop and perused the aisles of stuffed animals, you have probably seen a cute and cuddly hippo toy, ready for the next child to gush over and want to take home. And it […]

what animal sweat

What Animals Sweat?

Just think about it. When was the last time you saw an animal sweat? Like, lift their arm up, embarrassing pit stain kind of sweat. Probably never, right? But that doesn’t mean animals don’t sweat, it’s just a bit more […]

why are pigs pink

Why Are Pigs Pink?

When you think of pigs your first image will probably be of Babe, Piglet or Peppa Pig. What do all these pigs have in common (apart from that they’re animated)? They’re pink! If you ask any child across the country […]

are ligers real

Are Ligers Real?

To many, a liger is a mythical creature that exists only in legends and inside Napoleon’s sketchbook. However, this animal is real and exists in a few places around the world today. A liger is a unique hybrid created when […]

why do llamas spit

Why Do Llamas Spit?

When most people think of llamas they visualize curious and friendly creatures that have distinctive personalities. In addition to their fun disposition, they have an interesting way to help protect themselves from those who they feel threatened by. Llamas will […]