japan cosplay graduation
Japanese college lets students dress in cosplay for graduation

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Hilarious GIF Backstories!

This is every kids' dream come true

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Hong Kong's architecture looks like a dystopian future

Nature, you are a thing of beauty

We Are Giving Away A Super Sweet Pair Of The Iconic Stan Smith Adidas!

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stan smith addidas

We are so excited that my favorite sports fashion retailer JD Sports is bringing back the iconic Stan Smith from Adidas in time for my summer holiday! Originally created in the 1970s for tennis superstar Stan Smith, the trainer has become one of the most stylish sneakers of all time.

The Stan Smith is sleek simplicity, with full grain smooth leather, perforated 3-Stripes and rubber sole. I love this low top both for it’s quality and clean look. It is also a sneaker that breathes which is super important for the summer. I can’t wait to get a hold of my pair and I am so thrilled for the shoes return, I am giving a Ned Hardy reader a free pair in their preferred size. Just like the Ned Hardy Facebook page and leave a comment on why you dig the site. I’ll pick a winner and send these beauties to your door!

Also check out JDsports.co.uk for tons of awesome adidas, nike and other sports fashion gear.

stan smith addidas

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hot babes
Attention all women! THIS IS NOT SEXY!

hot babes
Miseraable men shopping with their ladies

hot babes
The 25 Most Absurd Wedding Themes Of All Time

hot babes
10 guys that had everything but lost it all

If You Need A Little Bit Of Your Faith In Humanity Restored, Let Me Introduce You To Dobri Dobrev

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This is Dobri Dobrev. Aged 98, he is a Bulgarian WWII veteran.

He lives 10km outside Bulgaria Capital, Sofia. Everyday he walks the 10k to the city capital, to beg for money.

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I hate that word—“lucky.” It cheapens a lot of hard work. Living in Brooklyn in an apartment without any heat and paying for dinner at the bodega with dimes—I don’t think I felt myself lucky back then. Doing plays for 50 bucks and trying to be true to myself as an artist and turning down commercials where they wanted a leprechaun. Saying I was lucky negates the hard work I put in and spits on that guy who’s freezing his ass off back in Brooklyn. So I won’t say I’m lucky. I’m fortunate enough to find or attract very talented people. For some reason I found them, and they found me.

- Peter Dinklage

17 Coincidental YouTube Ads

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funny coincidental youtube ads

funny coincidental youtube ads

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Vending Machine In Turkey Recycles And Feeds Stray Dogs At The Same Time

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These Vending Machines In Turkey Feed Stray Animals Until They Can Be Adopted (Photos)

Believe it or not, there are about 150,000 stray cats and dogs in Istanbul, Turkey. That’s 150,000 animals that are left to roam the streets with 14 million human beings. Unfortunately, despite the fact that there are so many people in the city of Istanbul, no one is willing to give these animals food, water and shelter. Luckily, a Turkish company called Pugedon decided to create a few awesome vending machines that feed the stray animals and double as recycling receptacles, keeping trash and litter off the streets.

These vending machines have the ability to store and dispense food for stray cats and dogs.


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Awesome Links Of The Day

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The 51 Funniest Celebrity Prom Photos

The 51 Funniest Celebrity Prom Photos – Crowd Ignite

Photographer Captures Depressing Photos Of Animals Stuck In A Zoo – Caveman Circus

Voted The Hottest Sorority In America – Knowd

A little Cleavage never hurt anyone – Bro My God

Miss USA’s Welcome Home Cleavage – G-Celeb

10 Pop Culture Urban Legends That Turned Out To Be True – Linkiest

People who have officially run out of f**ks to give – Leenks

Mariah Carey…still hot or not? – Celeb Slam

32 Mindblowingly Hot Katy Perry Pics & GIFS – Radass

Damn fine babe taking a nice selfie – Double Viking

Corinthian Colleges Employee: “We Work For The Biggest Scam Company In The World” – Consumerist

Thursdays Are Now The Official Yoga Pants Day (15 Pics) – Regretful Morning

The 25 Dirtiest Mainstream Movie Titles Of All Time – World Wide Interweb

10 Drinking Games You Should Be Playing Right Now – Classy Bro

The 6 Best Roadbikes – Hi-Consumption

I’m sure some gaps will help us get through the day (35 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

Clare is your hot college coed of the day – Big 10 Tens

Why Kobe Bryant’s Work Ethic Is So Untouchable – Addicted 2 Success

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43 Signs Improved By Graffiti

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graffiti improving signs

graffiti improving signs

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Never Underestimate The Power Of One: Lone Indian Man Plants 1,360 Acre Forest Single-Handedly!!

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Nestled in Northeast India next to the Brahmaputra River sits Majuli Island, a giant sandbar that happens to be the largest river island on Earth, home to some 150,000 people. It is also the location of the 1,360 acre Molai Forest, one More than 30 years ago, a teenager named Jadav "Molai" Payeng began planting seeds along a barren sandbar near his birthplace in India’s Assam region.

It was 1979 and floods had washed a great number of snakes onto the sandbar. When Payeng — then only 16 — found them, they had all died.

"The snakes died in the heat, without any tree cover. I sat down and wept over their lifeless forms," Payeng told the Times Of India.

"It was carnage. I alerted the forest department and asked them if they could grow trees there. They said nothing would grow there. Instead, they asked me to try growing bamboo. It was painful, but I did it. There was nobody to help me," he told the newspaper.

Now that once-barren sandbar is a sprawling 1,360 acre forest, home to several thousands of varieties of trees and an astounding diversity of wildlife — including birds, deer, apes, rhino, elephants and even tigers.

The forest, aptly called the "Molai woods" after its creator’s nickname, was single-handedly planted and cultivated by one man — Payeng, who is now 47.

According to the Asian Age, Payeng has dedicated his life to the upkeep and growth of the forest. Accepting a life of isolation, he started living alone on the sandbar as a teenager — spending his days tending the burgeoning plants.

Today, Payeng still lives in the forest. He shares a small hut with his wife and three children and makes a living selling cow and buffalo milk. According to the Assistant Conservator of Forests, Gunin Saikia, it is perhaps the world’s biggest forest in the middle of a river.

Filmmaker William Douglas McMaster recently wrote and directed this beautiful documentary short titledForest Man from the perspective of Payeng’s friend, photographer Jitu Kalita. 

Man from India plants trees for the last 30 years

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Crazy Stuff The TSA Has Confiscated

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confiscated items of the TSA

confiscated items of the TSA

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GIFs Galore!

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awesome and funny gifs


Wrong hand

awesome and funny gifs

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Awesome Links Of The Day

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Women 101: A Guide To Understanding The Female Species – Caveman Circus

Tracy Morgan’s Crashed Van Photos Released by NTSB – Crowd Ignite

6 Dating Truths Men Need to Hear But Don’t Want to – Nick Notas

Mesh clothing on hot women is amazing – Bro My God

Crazy story about a Marine’s wife, who was unfaithful and turned up missing – LA Times

When Tinder Users Get Straight To The Point (32 pics) – Leenks

6 Real Martial Arts Tournaments Crazier Than ‘Mortal Kombat’ - Linkiest

Irina Shayk is flashy – Celeb Slam

Cute Busty Girls That Are Bursting Out (11 Photos) – Classy Bro

The Best of Shay Maria (51 Pics) – Radass

More Cute Girls in Tight Dresses (15 Pics) – Regretful Morning

Holy Crap…Nuff Said! – Double Viking

Real Life Sightings Of Super Mario – World Wide Interweb

Colorado Sells $19 Million in Cannabis in March: $1.9 Million Goes to Schools and Crime Down 10% – The Mind Unleashed

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